Great To Meet You

Have you ever felt like there’s more to life? More than daily hustling for more money and more possession of whatever things and gadgets. From phones to diamonds or from Pradas to Ferraris, from …  to  …

I was in that same position for many, many years in my life. Except it was not for diamonds or other luxury things. It was more or less to make the ends meet or in better times to start enjoying life with more free time and some travel. I wondered for quite a long time how to start enjoying life.

I was allways convinced, that in addition to my business, a humble side activity would enable this to me. So I supported my wife’s activity in network marketing and after a really long time I started doing this too. A little bit.

However I didn’t like the old way of chasing friends and family or talking to strangers, so I was that much happier when I found attraction marketing. With this approach to customers I was really able to get into contact with people who actively look for solutions to their problems.

On the other side, I wanted to find out what problems do people in network marketing really have. After all I am not so wise, that I would be able to create solution as Steve Jobs – without actively asking people where are their problems.

So I created a short survey about problems that people have in network marketing. I count on statistically valid information with numbers big enough to get the valid results. Results will be published on my website and with them I will structure my answers for people who participated.

You can fill it out at:

Enjoy survey and results.