What Is Attraction Marketing – And How Can You Use It For Your Profit ?

Part 1

If you are building an online business, you may have come across the term ‘Attraction Marketing.’ This article explains exactly what Attraction Marketing is, why it is vital to your online success, and how you can implement a ‘7-Step Attraction Marketing Method’ into your business to attract more buyers, customers, and clients FAST!


‘Attraction Marketing’ is a marketing strategy that ATTRACTS customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer. The concepts of attraction marketing as a marketing strategy will help you set your brand apart, clearly define your target markets’ wants and needs, and allow you to serve them better than the competition. 

Imagine having people reaching out to YOU every day asking YOU about YOUR business, products, and services?!

Imagine having your Facebook inbox flooded with hungry prospects who initiate conversation with you, and are excited to learn more about YOUR opportunity?!

One of the biggest benefits you will experience when you apply ‘Attraction Marketing’ to your business is you will be able to…

Say good-bye to convincing, chasing, or begging… No more cold calling, buying leads, or getting rejected…

The 2 biggest reasons why 90% of business fail within their first year:  the business has run out of leads… money… or both.

NOTE: we chose the network marketing industry to use as an example for illustration purposes in this blog post. However, these timeless Attraction Marketing principles work for ANY business in ANY niche. Whether you want to get more coaching clients, get more speaking gigs, or get more customers & buyers for ANY business, the following 7-Step Attraction Marketing Method is the best way to build a stable, successful, long term business in ANY industry.

END of PART 1 ….

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Forbes magazine writes about New Year’s resolutions

Forbes magazine writes about New Year’s resolutions:

New Year’s resolutions always fail and therefore are inherently depressing.

Instead, make a list of your accomplishments in 2018–you’ll be surprised at how long and satisfying it is.

And then set some achievable goals, broken down into doable tasks. It’s psychologically smarter.

Nothing is impossible, they say

Many people break their teeth and head and try to get their head through the wall because someone once told them that nothing is impossible if you make enough effort. If you submit to one, just one single goal if you do not run out of will, power, and courage.

Do not expect that impossible things will happen. Impossible is impossible precisely because it is impossible. On the other side unbelievable is not impossible, it’s just incredible. But if you can not believe it does not mean it’s not true.

But how to go through and achieve the so-called »impossible«?

First of all, you need to set goals that you are directly in control of. Goals that will likely lead to the end result that we want (have $100k in my bank account), but you are able to achieve them with direct action. An example of such a »direct action« is »invest 60 minutes each and every day into side hustle business«.

Another example of such an action when you have a wish to »lose 15 or 20 pounds« is »cut out all sweet drinks in the next 60 days«.

Second: Once you start with your action then you need to measure the progress. Without this, there is quite a chance that you will lose steam and energy going toward your goal.

Third: Even if your plan is reachable, in order to really achieve the desired result you need to set the path to it. »Investing 60 minutes a day« is maybe the right way, but you need to micromanage those »60 minutes a day«. Otherwise, you will stumble into too many obstacles.

I wish you good planning and achieved results with your, they say, »impossible« goal.

You were told about internet marketing secrets, true?

I guess that you don’t like secrets. But they are here also. And you wouldn’t read it for the first time: Every business has it’s secrets. An internet marketing business also. And if you know the rules (or the secrets) from an offline network marketing business, you can imagine, that here we have them too. Different, but they are here also.

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There is no Shortage of Overnight Success Stories

Actually there are really a lot of such stories. Almost every newspaper, magazine, webpage or just plain blog has them quite often.

Well, reason is really simple. We like to read them. A story of overnight success is a proof, that everybody can achieve his/hers part of success. And as those stories are written, such an overnight success is achievable literally overnight.

Whatever the goal of a person who achieved such a success is, everything is possible. Losing weight overnight, falling in love with the most beautiful woman overnight, landing a dream job overnight, earning millions of dollars overnight.

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