5 effective ways for generating leads in MLM business

In a recent poll about most important things in building a successful network marketing career, there were five things recognized as the most important one’s: leads, follow up, duplication and training, marketing tools and credibility.

We will address all of them in next blog posts, but we want to start with the one on first position: Leads generation.

Leads are very important for any successful business, but in network marketing leads generation is the most important thing,. Network marketers have really high in-person involvement and as such their activities are way different than in ecommerce, where an owner is letting a website to make the sale). As such in MLM business generating a great number of leads to have enough people present their products or plan to is priority number one.
But before you start posting about your business in your blog, forums and social media, you should answer a few questions. You should find out who is typical buyer of your services and/or products. Your second question is where to find your target market and the third question is how to convince your future market that they would like to know more.
So, what are ways to generate leads in MLM business?
First of all and the easiest is to set up a blog or a personal website about your opportunity and generate leads with visitors clicking on lead generating offers. This is the same strategy as in any blog and really the easiest one. It is also a free way, so every marketer should implement it. This strategy can use an inexperienced business owner, but also a pro. An experienced blogger will implement additional sales funnel technologies and as such a newbie will soon realize the potential of generating leads via a blog..
After you get some first readers of your blog you should ask them to sign up for your email list. The best way to get their name and email is to offer something additional for free. Quite common this is some kind of a report.In this way you will start to communicate with your audience.

The third way is to include a form that allows leads to ask for a contact from you about your products or services. Focus on how you can help your prospect benefit from your product or service.

Fourth way is to use social media. Facebook is the most important, but also a costly way to promote yourself or your opportunity. Best cost per lead ratio have all other social sites, like Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. On some of them generating leads are even free. If something is free this in general means, that it is slower to build business this way, but if money is scarce, it is obvious way.

Fifth way is when you ask for referrals. It can be that your blog readers are not ready to buy from you yet, but there could be others which know them and they can be interested. In this case develop a referral program for them and give them 10, 20 or even more % discount of their purchase.

Those are five most effective ways to generate leads in MLM business. While generating leads is important, it is only the first step. The second one and often the forgotten one is follow up.

More about it in next article.

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