my name is Lojze Zadravec and it is already clear to you from my first ten words, that I am not English native speaker, nor do I live in any English speaking country. So despite I am not coming from USA, Great Britain or New Zealand, I dare to write in English language. Please bear that in mind when you judge my poor grammar. It will be better during the times, or it won’t be.

And despite this I dare to write my blog articles in language where I am not 100% sure, that I write grammarly correct. That’s because I am coming from Slovenia, Europe, beautiful country between neighbouring countries of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. My education helped me learn a little bit English and I hope, that this is enough for my online marketing endeavour. 

I am walking long enough on this planet Earth, that I am not the youngest person anymore. And so I have some experiences. Some life experiences and some business experiences. Life experiences told me that  life is short enough that I need to enjoy every day possible and that I don’t stuck for too long with negative thinkings.

Business experiences are tougher one’s.

My daily job was and still is in sales to businesses, where I am in industry where we are selling merchadise from big name players and where we can hardly distinguish ourselves other than price. Touch business, isn’t it? So this is the reason, that I wanted to find a side business for quite a long time. My wife was actually quickier than me as she engaged with two network marketing businesses years before I decided anything about it. Unfortunately those were old fashioned busineses and their marketing wa staought the old way which didn’t produce results.

In all those years I fully supported my wife in her business, but decided to enter my business the other way, the new way. The way where I offer solutions to business problems that people in network marketing have. I don’t speak about any network marketing company, I only want to bring solution to people’s problems.