Another Fairytale About How To Make A Living With Blogging ?

How many emails did you get so far stating »leading to a rich life in a month«, or »earn $1,000 per day with no experience« or »get rich quick«? 100 or 1,000 so far? Whatever the number, you probably started to delete them immediately as you see such statements. Or you are deleting them immediately already for a long time.


If we subtract the promises of getting rich quick, it is possible to make a living with blogging. Not only have some blogs grown to really big online magazines (let’s remember Huffington Post, or TechCrunch, or many others), but even if you really don’t have a desire to build an extra big business, making a living (and quitting your day job) with writing about your passion is completely posssible.
The whole story allways started with a subject you’re passionate about. Ok, then you should have decent writing skills, but this is pretty much all what’s needed at the very begginning. On the other side we need to be realistic about hard truth, that most of the millions of bloggers today don’t make enough to support themselves just with their blogs.

Blogging Can Be An Occupation

Yes, you can be an employed blogger or a freelancer, so a company is paying you or you can start your own blog from scratch. To get a job as a professional blogger is much easier than starting with your own blog at ground zero. But, we want to fullfil our dream about a success with our own blog, so let’s find a way to make this.

Or, Blogging Can Be Your Business

Setting your own blog up technically can be very quick and many web hosting providers will offer such a help, so you can start your blog really quick. As you are probably an expert about a subject for you blog, even this won’t be a problem. But have in mind that in order to achieve success earlier you need to be really niche specific.If you are in information business you need to write only about those products and services. Don’t rund around different businesses, as otherwise success won’t come

The second important thing is, that you need to be creative about finding ways which products and services to sell that cater to your industry. Even if you are in the business of selling weight loss products, don’t forget to offer also ebooks or courses about losing weight.

And then comes the third important thing. As soon as you publish your post, you want that somebody will read it. You should have an idea, how the readers will come to your blog before you publish anything. There are free ways and there are paid ways, but you can guess which ones lead to quickier results. Which ever way you choose, ask your self and decide about how will you want that reader will find your blog. And act accordingly.

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