If you thought people should like you because you are a pleasant person …

You are wrong (sorry …).

Actually before I dipped deep into this subject, I thought, that being a nice guy is what leads to desired business success. But now I understand that this is attraction marketing. After I read a lot about this subject it is clear to me, that that in general means that you care about the other person. It took me quite a while before this was clear in my mind. I was selfishy thinking that some pictures, videos and posts on blog and social media will lead people to like me.

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Follow-up in your MLM business

Generating leads is for sure the first part of your successful online marketing business. Without them you are lost in a jungle and you can just dream about your success. But when you get them you finished just the first part of your job. Sometimes this is 80%, but this is really rarely. Generally with a lead you get just their email address and maybe their first seven or eight dollars for basic training. Then comes the real opportunity and real work. It comes with a follow-up, many of them or even a lot of them.

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5 effective ways for generating leads in MLM business

In a recent poll about most important things in building a successful network marketing career, there were five things recognized as the most important one’s: leads, follow up, duplication and training, marketing tools and credibility.

We will address all of them in next blog posts, but we want to start with the one on first position: Leads generation.

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Why Hating Your Job Is the Best Thing in the World

I guess that your common weekday is like millions of other people. You probably wake up at 6:00am or so, you leave the house at 7:00am for your morning commute, you pick up your morning coffee at a place close to your work at 8:00am and at 8:30am you enter your office building. You are probably early, earlier than most – but who cares? Most probably nobody.

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How to escape from Alcatraz

I guess that you, my dear reader, do not need to escape from any real prison. Not only from Alcatraz which is closed for many decades anyway, but also not from other correction institutions of the world.

Actually I used the word Alcatraz as a metaphor, but I read this real story in a blog from New Times author Chris Guillebeau. He got an email from his reader who wanted to remain anonymous and wrote him a personal story that I really liked. Here’s what she said:

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