Why Hating Your Job Is the Best Thing in the World

I guess that your common weekday is like millions of other people. You probably wake up at 6:00am or so, you leave the house at 7:00am for your morning commute, you pick up your morning coffee at a place close to your work at 8:00am and at 8:30am you enter your office building. You are probably early, earlier than most – but who cares? Most probably nobody.

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How to escape from Alcatraz

I guess that you, my dear reader, do not need to escape from any real prison. Not only from Alcatraz which is closed for many decades anyway, but also not from other correction institutions of the world.

Actually I used the word Alcatraz as a metaphor, but I read this real story in a blog from New Times author Chris Guillebeau. He got an email from his reader who wanted to remain anonymous and wrote him a personal story that I really liked. Here’s what she said:

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Easy Strategies of Attraction Marketing Online

Attraction marketing online is becoming the standard way where anyone can create a lucrative business by using certain strategies. Just, what would that mean? First came to my mind, that this is selling something online. After many read articles about this subject it became clear to me that attraction marketing online is complete strategy, where really you can achieve huge success in your business.

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How to Get People to Listen to You, …

…. When You’re Not Seen as an Expert …

Everybody was once at the beginning of anything. Even if you studied and finished studies there were probablly only a small amount of people which will see you as an expert. You would like to be seen as such by the majority, but how to convince them?

Situation is the same if you are at the start of your blogging career. Maybe you are confident about your experitise abd subject of your writing, but how to show this to readers?

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Another Fairytale About How To Make A Living With Blogging ?

How many emails did you get so far stating »leading to a rich life in a month«, or »earn $1,000 per day with no experience« or »get rich quick«? 100 or 1,000 so far? Whatever the number, you probably started to delete them immediately as you see such statements. Or you are deleting them immediately already for a long time.


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