Follow-up in your MLM business

Generating leads is for sure the first part of your successful online marketing business. Without them you are lost in a jungle and you can just dream about your success. But when you get them you finished just the first part of your job. Sometimes this is 80%, but this is really rarely. Generally with a lead you get just their email address and maybe their first seven or eight dollars for basic training. Then comes the real opportunity and real work. It comes with a follow-up, many of them or even a lot of them.

So if you want to have success with MLM it is vital that you follow-up with your prospects. Writing blog posts is not enough, not even writing many of them. Posting to social media is also not foolproof way to present yourself and your opportunity. And even if you post on all possible social sites, from Facebook to Twitter and on all inbetween this is in principal a way to get leads.

So after you get their email, you contact them with email presentations, webinars, videos, blog posts, social media status changes, …Those are your follow-ups for your MLM business. Whichever media you use, and you better use all of them, you need to do those regularry. The truth is, that when a prospect gave you their email address, they are most often not ready for active role in your opportunity. They just agreed that you start sending them information regularly.

So don’t be afraid that you send too many information. Your prospects anyway get tons of emails, see hundreds of blog posts and even if they eagerly wait for your news, they can miss them. So send them often. And send different ones. Today in a form of a blog post, the other day webinar, then a Youtube video, … And in this communication with your prospect you can start to sell them your offers and products.

Once again: Continuous follow-up in your MLM business is extremely important. Probably you can not send too many, only if you send valuable information.

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