How to escape from Alcatraz

I guess that you, my dear reader, do not need to escape from any real prison. Not only from Alcatraz which is closed for many decades anyway, but also not from other correction institutions of the world.

Actually I used the word Alcatraz as a metaphor, but I read this real story in a blog from New Times author Chris Guillebeau. He got an email from his reader who wanted to remain anonymous and wrote him a personal story that I really liked. Here’s what she said:

“My uncle was a historian at the Maritime Museum in San Francisco. He gave me a tour of their private collection once, items that were too delicate for public display. Unfortunately, my uncle was one of those people who could not orchestrate his own prison break.

When my father and I cleared out his apartment after he moved into hospice care, we found not only thousands of books, but scores of note pads, with lists of plans for the future. While my uncle seemed to have virtually a genius level IQ, his social skills were almost nonexistent and he had no friends. When my father notified the museum of his death, one of the people in his department didn’t even know who he was. His lists all went in the trash.”
When you miss out on your calling (like his uncle), it’s all too easy for years to slide by. Then you get to the end… And that’s it. Why settle when there’s another way?

This story resonates in me a lot, because it is quite similar to possible stories of all of us who ever had a wish to change something significantly in our lives. And it would be the worst, if we would miss out on our calling, if we wouldn’t take any action. But as you read this blog I am sure, that you did it. And I am happy for all of us, who took a path of action.
Just go on.

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