If you thought people should like you because you are a pleasant person …

You are wrong (sorry …).

Actually before I dipped deep into this subject, I thought, that being a nice guy is what leads to desired business success. But now I understand that this is attraction marketing. After I read a lot about this subject it is clear to me, that that in general means that you care about the other person. It took me quite a while before this was clear in my mind. I was selfishy thinking that some pictures, videos and posts on blog and social media will lead people to like me.

Now I understand: It is about doing things in a certain way to get others to want to be around you. Will this help with bragging? Far from it!

So how should you do this?

Clearly stop focusing on yourself and provide some value to others. Identify problems of your target customers and then write about them or shoot videos about solving of those problems. For example: A lot of your target customers struggle with getting buyers or recruiting people into their business. So you should offer tips and even courses on how to easily get buyers or recruit people into your opportunity. You should allways focus on your readers, not yourself.

In those blog posts, tips, suggestions or courses you should definitely write or speak about following parts of attraction marketing:
1. Understand and solve problems: Don’t think about yourself, have your customers’ needs in mind. You should offer solutions before people choose to do business with you. They will decide to buy from you, if they feel you’re giving solutions to their problems.

2. Start to teach: You would think it is impossible to teach others if you are not an expert in your own eyes. But there are so many people at the very early stage of their business and with quite basic problems, so it is quite a big possibility that you, after you read at least some books and followed professional blog about the subject, know and offer at least some solutions.

3. Publish your answers on the web: Nowadays everybody looks for answer to their problems on the web. On Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Periscope, … Publish your answers there!

4. Make them as good as possible: Your answers will be on the web forever. So produce really good blog post or video, so that people will have a valuable answer on the web for a decade or century. Your education allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

5. Provide more insight, not more information: People have already enough information. But what they need is an easy-to-understand break down of the information already available. And create advanced levels of content. Blog post will probably be your step one, but then go on with webinars, e-books, … And after step two, go on with even more profesional teaching. After all, you will already have a listening audience.

And so you are gaining even more expertise in attraction marketing.

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