There is no Shortage of Overnight Success Stories

Actually there are really a lot of such stories. Almost every newspaper, magazine, webpage or just plain blog has them quite often.

Well, reason is really simple. We like to read them. A story of overnight success is a proof, that everybody can achieve his/hers part of success. And as those stories are written, such an overnight success is achievable literally overnight.

Whatever the goal of a person who achieved such a success is, everything is possible. Losing weight overnight, falling in love with the most beautiful woman overnight, landing a dream job overnight, earning millions of dollars overnight.

Digging more in depth about people in those stories reveals a slightly different picture. People which achieved such a success said:

Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook: If by ‘overnight success’ you mean staying up and coding all night, every night for six years straight, then it felt quite tiring and stressful.
Tom Clancy, famous writer: An overnight success is ten years in the making.
Lionel Messi, best FIFA soccer player in the world: I start early, and I stay late, day after day after day, year after year. It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.
Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, got 1009 no’s, before the first restaurant owner want to try his chicken recipe. An overnight success?
Sylvester Stallone, an actor, was at the beginning so broke, that he even had to sell his beloved dog, his best friend, for $25. The movie Rocky where he played the main role was an overnight success, but after years of struggle.
J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels was waitressing and on public assistance when she was writing the first installment of what would become one of the best selling series in history. The book was rejected by a dozen publishers. But we are all wise now, as she is the wealthiest writer in UK.

I do not say, that successes are not possible. They are just not achieved overnight. Never.

So what is the way?

In my humble opinion:

1. Real success takes time. i.e. it is simple: Overnight success is a lie! While it is true, that succes scan be achieved slower or quickier, there is no overnight success.
2. Success is not about any single event. It rather an entire process you have walked through.
3. Rarely does luck have anything to do with a person’s level of success. It can be a good timing or that you run into the right person who helped you achieve this, but this is no luck.
4. Because success requires effort, you must enjoy what you are doing. You should use your talents and skills and with help of those you will come to the much desired destination.
5. Success is as much about the journey as the outcome or the prize. You will put in so many hours (believe it) that you should make sure you are enjoying the process.

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