Why Hating Your Job Is the Best Thing in the World

I guess that your common weekday is like millions of other people. You probably wake up at 6:00am or so, you leave the house at 7:00am for your morning commute, you pick up your morning coffee at a place close to your work at 8:00am and at 8:30am you enter your office building. You are probably early, earlier than most – but who cares? Most probably nobody.

After 8 hours, but most probably 9 hours or even more you leave the office at 5:30pm (later than most) and head for the home. If you are lucky, the streets or the trains are not packed as much as they would be earlier and you can come home at 6:30pm. Just in time to see kids which are about head to bed and you have just about enough time and energy left to read a bedtime story.

At finally at 10:00pm it is a bedtime also for you.

This is most probably your normal Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Is this a perfect day for you? Is this what you would like to dofor the next 20, 30 or 40 working years?

The truth is that this a reality for a majority of people in productive era. Yes, you can add in your holidays when you can rest and enjoy your time. But this is more or less everything. Everyone falls into a deadly routine that with time grinds away every single aspiration, dream or hope you may had when you got started. You start hating your job, but you are stuck in a situation where you can not step out of this wheel.

So is this good news?

Yes, it is. This is because hating your job is the first step in making a change. A positive change. The change which you wanted to do and which will enable you to do what you really desire to do. Either it is painting, fishing, mountain climbing or travelling or anything else.

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