Why my MLM prospects promise so much, but deliver much less

I did ask myself that for a long, long time. Actually I started to confront with this problem already in my computer sales job. The question there was just slighty different: Why customers won’t buy? It took me a decade to realize why, and then almost half a decade to find the way for a solution.

So why your MLM prospects lie to you and tell you they will show up to your meeting or watch the video? Would you like to just discover the real reasons people are not doing what they say or what you want?

My MLM Recruiting Results Would Be Awesome … if they’d just listen

I hear this often. Someone struggling to build their business will say, Hey, this would really help the people I talk to if they would just listen! Well, reality is you will never get them to listen unless you learn how to listen and understand them. Yes, YOU need to listen THEM and understand THEM!
And before you understand and implement the above, you need to know that your MLM prospects are seeing you as a salesperson, not a problem solver! This is your problem!

Your MLM Recruiting should be: From Salesperson to Problem Solver

What you should really be asking is not why won’t they but how can I … that is, how can YOU become a better problem solver.

And what are the ways to problem solve to boost your MLM sponsoring?

If someone tells you they will show up to your meeting or watch your video, ASK THEM WHY. Why are you considering checking this out? Why would you be open to a home business? Why would someone say yes to watching a video on making money from home?

People trying to recruit think, that the prospect has already drawn these conclusions in their mind. But the reality is they haven’t (yet), because we all have so much going on in our lives. If you get them to stop and actually think about their life and what they would like to have, you, all of a sudden, get upgraded from annoying pesky salesperson to a much needed problem solver.

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