You were told about internet marketing secrets, true?

I guess that you don’t like secrets. But they are here also. And you wouldn’t read it for the first time: Every business has it’s secrets. An internet marketing business also. And if you know the rules (or the secrets) from an offline network marketing business, you can imagine, that here we have them too. Different, but they are here also.

In online network marketing business nobody will bother you with prospecting over the phone or with drop cards or mailers. And nobody will force you to connect with everybody within three feet of where you are standing or sitting.

But then how is online network marketing business done?

Some of the so called gurus will suggest creating a generic or company specific lead generation system. The idea is to advertise and drive prospects to your site. This would be the first contact with a prospect. Is this a good idea? Does it work?

It could work, if … you advertized your product or your idea and that in this way you got your prospects. But then it was once again your turn to pick up the phone and call all those prospects and find if they are really interested.

Was this solution quick? Did it bring prequalified prospects? … In my opinion rarely.

But why?

The main question you should ask yourself is: Did you bring them any value? Did you solve any of their problems?

The solution is strange, you wouldn’t believe it:

You must stop promoting your business opportunity! I know, it sounds counter-intuitive. But think about this…do you really open and read all of new opportunity emails you receive? Do you click on biz opp ads and enter your email for more information?

I firmly believe that people click and leave contact information only, if they find VALUE in your information. They join you only, if they think that you will solve their problem. They will buy only, if they believe in you as their problem solver.

People like to do business only with those they know, like and trust. Simple but difficult. So I suggest, that you build your business first with building and branding yourselves. Don’t tell about your company, don’t speak about products.

People care only about you, IF you solve their problems. Offer to guide people to a solution they are looking for and you will win their hearts.

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